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Adult Tennis Coaching Lessons Cheadle, Cheshire

Everyone can benefit from having tennis lessons, at whatever playing standard, age or fitness level!

Whether it be to simply get more enjoyment from playing or to develop a particular stroke. Lessons themselves can be fun, are progressive, informative and challenging and will help you get more from the time and effort spent on court.

Adults and Juniors Tennis Coaching

I organise group courses, tailored courses, and one to one private lessons for Memers and Non-Members.

All standards - Entry Level; Improver; Intermediate; Advance and Perfomance Players can join our Groups or Squads.

To find out more about Adult or Junior Tennis Lessons please visit our Enquiry Page and complete the table of availability.

Or contact Russell directly on 07958 251559 or email:

Adult Tennis Coaching Lessons and one to one tennis lessons Cheadle, Cheshire

Adult Coaching

Our Coaching and Play tennis courses are designed for adults of various experience, playing standards and aspirations, something for all, from players returning to tennis, that may not have picked up a racket since school, to advanced tournament players, of any level.

Adult Coaching is available in Groups, or as personal one to one Individual lessons. Lesson content is always geared up to the level and desires of the players, and we respect the various reasons people may want to book lessons.

Russell Lawrence teaching mini tennis

Junior Coaching

This is available in Groups, or as private individual lessons. Coaching is available all year round, with weekly lessons complementing the school termtime calendar. Tennis for Kids is available from May 2018 - perfect for 4-11yr olds, new to tennis, you can sign up for a course of 6 lessons and get a free mini tennis racquet and ball set sent to you, along with a personalised child’s shirt, all for just £ online by going to the link

Tennis Camps for Juniors are available in most of the school holidays. Private lessons can be taken at any time and any day of the week.

Junior Tennis courses are designed for children of all ages and playing standards. Mini Tennis is the ideal starting point for children from Reception Class (4yrs+) upwards, using smaller courts and nets along with smaller rackets and slower bouncing balls. Mini Tennis progresses through 3 stages of Red, Orange and Green each with their own court size and special type of ball. Yellow Tennis - this uses full courts and yellow tennis balls and is the natural progression from Mini Tennis, generally appropriate for children 11yrs and above.

This approach introduces children gently to the full game developing their hand eye coordination and racket skills in a fun and structured environment.

Russell Lawrence experienced Tennis coach with tennis event winners

Our Tennis Coaches

Coaches on our courses are selected not just for their Tennis and Coaching expertise, but also for their personal qualities, especially enthusiasm, patience, sense of humour and attentiveness to individual needs.

All coaching takes place at Cheadle Kingsway Tennis Club, A34 Kingsway, Cheadle SK8 1LA, by the Gatley traffic lights. You don't have to be a Member of Cheadle Tennis Club to have coaching - non-members are very welcome!

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